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Artisan Sourdough Loaves
November 24

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These Loaves will be baked on November 24

They will be available for pickup from 5-8 PM on Thursday November 24 or on Friday November 25 from 12 PM - 3 PM

If you do not see a variety available, that means it is already sold out

Loaves are $13 each

Description of Varieties

Country wheat is a round whole wheat loaf made with a whole wheat flour bread flour blend.

 Multigrain bread is an oval shaped loaf. It is made with whole wheat flour with some bread flour, and has oats, flax seeds and millet added.

The classic and rye breads are very similar as they are both made with mostly unbleached bread flour. 

The classic is a round loaf made with a wheat starter and has some whole rye flour added for flavor.

The rye is made with a medium rye starter and is an oval shaped loaf.