About the Bakery

Homegrown Kosher Bakery no longer produces bread for the public

If you are interested in a bakery or sourdough starter consultation, please send an email or contact us via the form


Artisan Sourdough Bakery previously serving the greater Monsey area

What began as a hobby in 2003, inspired by an episode of "Baking With Julia" with Julia Child, bread baking quickly turned into more, it became a passion. Simple beginnings of sourdough loaves baked on terra cotta tiles led to my studying the teachings of great bakers like Peter Reinhart and Jeffrey Hammelman. Over time, through utilizing their techniques and creating some of my own, my breads improved and developed in quality.

In January of 2018 I had the wonderful opportunity to spend a day of  baking with David Katz of Pat Bamelach. It was there that I learned the ins and outs of baking at a larger scale than I was used to. Soon after that I began offering a limited amount of breads by advance order. 

Homegrown Kosher Bakery no longer produces bread for the public

If you are interested in a bakery or sourdough starter consultation please send an email or contact via the form

-Ahuva Gottdiener 

Owner, Homegrown Kosher


Sourdough- The Way Bread is Supposed to Be Made

For thousands of years, bread was made utilizing natural yeasts to leaven it. With progress and invention of streamlining processes, commercial yeast was developed in an effort to speed up a process that is meant to be slow.

When the traditional process is rushed, dough does not have time to develop properly, leading to a sacrifice of flavor and nutrition. At Homegrown Kosher Bakery, we only use leavening that is 100% natural, using the natural yeasts and bacteria in the environment. The process is slow but the flavor and nutritional value, they're unparalleled. Through a long and controlled fermentation process, we bring out the full flavor of the grain and the flour. The flavors are emphasized by the sourdough technique, giving our bread its superior taste and texture.

Naturally-leavened bread is easy to digest and optimal for the absorption of nutrition, as the grain’s phytic-acid breaks down during the long, slow leavening process. This breakdown leads to more mineral availability and easier digestion.

 Each Homegrown Kosher loaf is  shaped by hand. No two are exactly alike, giving a charm to my breads that no mass produced bread can match.