About Homegrown Kosher

Homegrown Kosher is the social media lifestyle brand of Orthodox Jewish suburban homesteader Ahuva Gottdiener, active on Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, and Youtube. Inspiring and connecting while sharing recipes, lifestyle, and gardening tips with almost half a million people across social media.

Homegrown Kosher is about a lifestyle of appreciation and connection.

By cultivating an environment of curiosity and familiarity, Homegrown Kosher reclaims the wonder of engaging with our world. 

The Homegrown Kosher lifestyle is not about living off the grid or growing all your own food. It's about a mindset shift to understanding and appreciating those who produce our foods and what goes into that production.  It's about realizing that a chicken laid the egg you just cooked and a farmer prayed for rain so that you could enjoy your salad. 

It's about taking those small, doable, practical steps in your own life to be a producer, or at the least an educated consumer, instead of merely being a shopper. For some that may mean a few backyard hens or a couple of raised beds for growing vegetables. For others it's a single tomato plant in a pot on their patio or a jar of sprouts on the kitchen counter. Yet others garner that connection through an annual trip to a "pick your own" farm.  Whatever helps you and your family grow deeper understanding and acknowledgement for all that goes into the food we consume, that's the ethos of our lifestyle.

So join me and be inspired. Read the blog, watch my videos and Instagram and Facebook stories, send me a message and ask a question! Hire me to give a workshop at your school, synagogue, or event!

And I always love to hear how you're making the changes and bringing the Homegrown Kosher Lifestyle into all our lives!