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Weekly Loaves


  Country wheat is a round whole wheat loaf made with a whole wheat flour/bread flour blend.

  Multigrain bread is an oval shaped loaf. It is made with whole wheat flour with some bread flour, and has oats, flax seeds and millet added.

The classic and rye breads are very similar as they are both made with mostly unbleached bread flour. 

  The classic is a round loaf made with a wheat starter and has some whole rye flour added for flavor.

  The rye is made with a medium rye starter and is an oval shaped loaf.


Loaves are $13 each

*Delivery is available for orders of two loaves or more in the Monsey area. ($8 delivery fee)


Loaves are baked weekly on Thursdays and are then available for pickup from 5-8 PM and on Friday afternoons.

Be sure to check online for any changes in pickup hours

It is best to reserve your loaves as early in the week as possible, as there are limited quantities available each week.