Virtual Garden Consultation

• A Virtual garden consultation is perfect for those who can't do an in person garden consultation due to geographic constraints.

• It's also great for those with an existing garden who want guidance for this season's planting.

• It can also be structured for people with small yards, or apartment dwellers who need to garden exclusively in planters

Garden plans are personalized to each individual client and include guidance on what you'll need to buy and when, and how to plant and/or build. Each garden plan is specific to the client's individual gardening situation and needs.

Virtual Consultations are conducted via text or WhatsApp voice notes and messages so all the information will be there for you to refer to in the future. When the consultation is completed you will receive an email with your garden plan and all information you need to have a successful growing season.

Follow up questions by whatsapp, text, or email throughout your first growing season are welcome!