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Sourdough Challah

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Spelt and Ancient Grains

by Ahuva Gottdiener | 04 September, 2019 | 1 Comment

Let's talk about spelt and ancient grains.

Spelt is a variety of wheat. It along with Emmer, Einkorn and Khorasan (also known as kamut) are considered "Ancient" wheat varieties. Modern wheat is the same grain but has been hybridized by farmers over thousands of years. This is NOT GMO, but a process that farmers have always done of selecting strains of plants for desirable traits. Modern wheat has been selected for, better growth, more kernels per plant and ease of hulling those kernels. Farmers chose the plants that had the traits they wanted and replanted the kernels from those plants. Over many generations this created the wheat varieties that are standard today. Modern wheat is a wonderful thing as it has been instrumental in solving a worldwide hunger problem. When you can grow much more usable grain per acre you can feed many more people from that same piece of land.

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